Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Satisfaction as a Motivator

Reaching a goal and earning an achievement like a belt or stripe leads to increased satisfaction. When we feel good we like to continue the activity producing those feelings. The more we pursue the activity the higher our performance and the more we pursue similar achievements. That’s evident when you see people who are having success continue to achieve more. Conversely when progress stagnates people tend to lose interest and motivation.

...the teen prefrontal cortex is not much different than in the adult, but it can be easily overruled by heightened motivation centers in the brain.

Beatriz Luna, Ph.D

Martial arts can be a great source of personal satisfaction for those that can focus on long term goals and personal improvement. Unfortunately, young people tent to get pulled towards the benefits of immediate gratification and away from any source of deferred gratification like achieving their first belt. 

DOJOMATOR can help you spot opportunities to provide feedback even before a students first stripe. This feedback can help stimulate feelings of satisfaction well in advance of any official recognition of progress towards a stripe or belt. The satisfaction of earning some praise or positive feedback can provide the motivation needed to keep a young student interested and engaged with a class. 

DOJOMATOR is enthusiastically building software that will help you manage your students through your curriculum and optimize the system you already have. Your team will be enabled to provide students with the feedback they need to stay motivated and engaged with your instructors.