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Retention Problem? Hire a Game Designer.

You’re spending a small fortune to acquire new customers and it’s working. New registrations are up but your overall enrolment just isn’t keeping pace. For every 2 new students you lose one, some months you just break even. It’s expensive and it’s really starting to hurt your bottom line. But, why are the students leaving? 

Martial arts and video games have more in common than you might think. Hear me out.

Ranking systems in martial arts indicate a participants experience or level of competence. Rank is usually indicated by a coloured belt earned at intervals ranging from a couple of months to years. The fewer the number of belts in the program the longer the training interval between them. To bridge the gap between belts, stripes are often used to indicate progress. The result is a system of major and minor achievements that *can* keep a student motivated. 

Game designers have spent the last couple of decades doing research and honing experiences designed to keep people engaged, motivated and more importantly spending money. They have taken a coarse concept like achievements and they’ve helped shed light on why they are the powerful motivators they are. So much so that modern video games are equipped with analytics and game management systems that can optimize the performance of these feedback systems in real-time.

Karate Do, Available in the Google Play and Apple App Store

Karate Do, Available in the Google Play and Apple App Store

The question you should ask yourself is, does your system do enough to keep students interested and are you implementing it in a way that maximizes it’s effect. If you’re not, and if you’re concerned about customer retention, that’s big trouble.

GRADING DAY is enthusiastically building software that will help you manage your students through your curriculum and optimize the system you already have. Your team will be enabled to provide students with the feedback they need to stay motivated and engaged with your instructors.