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Reasonable Goals as Motivators

Goals that we set and see others achieve are more likely to be seen as reasonable. If a goal is reasonable we’re more likely to think we’re also capable of achieving it. This increase in self efficacy leads us to believe the goal is not beyond our capability. People tend to pursue reasonable goals and abandon unreasonable ones. As a martial arts instructor it’s important for your students to believe they can achieve their goals. The focus just needs to be on the right goal.

The concept is beautifully implemented in Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts. Many millions of people have downloaded this racing simulator and while it’s not public information, I’m certain there are people who have played it for years. It would be unrealistic to think a novice player is going to achieve anything a near global or national high score. You’d be destined to fail. It’s entirely realistic to think that you can best your friends scores and if those are the goals you set you have a much better chance of achieving them. Reasonable goals are goals we pursue and pursue them people do.

The challenge in your martial arts school is helping students identify and set realistic goals. First stripe, not blackbelt. Focus on mastering their first technique before focusing on earning a stripe. Those are attainable goals particularly if they can relate to another student on a similar journey. Help make those connections.

If you’re going to set these goals and want to make connections you’ll need to know where everybody stands in your class, program and school. Everything from belt right on down to who’s struggling with specific techniques. Who’s being tested and who’s not. If you’ve got 25 students you can probably manage this mentally. If you’ve got 500 students GRADING DAY can help.

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GRADING DAY is enthusiastically building software that will help you manage your students through your curriculum and optimize the system you already have. Your team will be enabled to provide students with the feedback they need to stay motivated and engaged with your instructors.