Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Beyond Customer Acquisition

Building your business is easy, you just open your doors and people walk in and sign up for classes. Nobody ever cancels and your enrollment grows steadily until you have more students than you have space. Revenues are skyrocket.  It’s that easy. 

No, of course it’s not that easy. It’s more likely that you’re spending hundreds of dollars a month on digital marketing trying to entice new students to walk through your door. Enrollments are increasing as you tune your Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns. There’s growth but it’s not at keeping pace with enrollments.

"your school is like a leaky bucket"

It turns out your school is like a leaky bucket that you’re spending money to fill. If you want to meet your growth objectives every drop that escapes will need to be replaced. If it costs you less to prevent a drop from escaping you’re wasting money and the conventional wisdom is that it costs up to 5X more to add drops than retain them. If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and want to maximizing the lifetime value of your members you need a retention plan. P

The retention plan needs to focus on things you can control. Focus on the quality of your program, how interesting it is, how you engage with your students (or their parents) and how a sense of community develops around your school. 

DOJOMATOR provides you with tools that help you deliver the highest quality programs and engage with your students beyond just knowing their names. Developing and documenting a standard curriculum will help your school deliver more consistent training regardless of the number of instructors or their experience level. Tracking grading days and student progress towards them will enable meaningful feedback when it matters, more confidence as they approach and a higher success rate. 

more to come..