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Scaling Without Compromising

The day your school opened you knew what you were going to teach and how you’d do it. Lesson plans were written in Word, printed out and inserted into a three ring binder. It is your school’s Bible. Lessons got updated and pages were reprinted (most times). Your curriculum evolved over time and it seemed to work. You had a small number of students so you could personally monitor their progress and ensure consistency.

Fast forward to now and your school has expanded. You have hundreds of students and a half dozen instructors, maybe more. You’ve added a children’s program, a second martial art and some advanced classes. The binder is starting to become larger and less useful because some of it is slightly outdated.  New instructors are doing their best but they’re not as detail oriented. You can’t be present for every class and it’s becoming more and more difficult to ensure that classes follow your curriculum. You can’t even be sure that students are being prepared for grading day properly.

The day you open your second location is the day you are the victim of your own success. You’re going to be less in control of your school, your reputation and your brand than you have ever been. Without a rigorous framework for teaching content and grading your students, it’s impossible to ensure consistency and quality over time. Your business is not scalable because your hours aren’t unlimited. You need a better way.

Use DOJOMATOR to quickly and easily document your program’s curriculum and easily share it with your instructors. It’s the only way to scale your school and ensure consistency as you add students, classes, instructors and locations. You can’t teach every class but you can create the curriculum and monitor your students progress through it. Know which students are falling behind, which techniques students are having trouble with and how prepared your students are for an upcoming grading day.

Do less and know more. Stay in control.

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