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Building an Evaluation Sheet

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Select Manage Programs.
  3. Select the Evaluation Sheets tab.
  4. Touch the FAB (red dot).
  5. Choose Add Sheet. You will see a new row added containing New Evaluation Sheet.
  6. Open the more menu (stacked dots) for the new row and select Rename.
  7. Rename the sheet to something meaningful within the context of a program. For example: “Karate, Yellow Belt”
  8. Find the new sheet in the list and using the more menu, choose Edit.
  9. Delete the sample fields in each category using the trash can icon.
  10. Open the more menu in the top right corner and select Edit Categories.
  11. Edit the category names to suit your needs adding additional categories as needed.
  12. In each category each technique needs to be added as button form element.
  13. Once all techniques have been added for the current level, return to the previous screen, save your changes when asked to confirm.