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Getting Started


Before you can manage students you need to document your business. It’s not a huge task but it will provide the educational framework required to track the students you are teaching. The basic building blocks you use are programs, assessment sheets, lesson plans and certificates of achievement.

A program is the product you’re offering your student. In Grading Day you link together items like assessment sheets, lesson plans and certificates of achievement that e Some examples are “Children’s Karate” or “Women’s Self Defence”. There is no limit on the number of programs you create in Grading Day.

Assessment sheets are the core element of a program used to outline your curriculum. Each Assessment sheet captures the list of techniques taught to students at each level in your curriculum. For example, a martial arts program that progresses a student through 5 belts will be comprised of 5 assessment sheets. Each sheet would contain a categorized lists of techniques to be taught to progress to the next level. There’s no limit to the number of assessment sheets you can create so programs can contain as many levels as you like. There’s also no limit on the number of categories or techniques each assessment sheet can contain so be creative.

Lesson plans are a series of lessons containing techniques from the same assessment sheet that are logically taught at the same time. Each lesson plan can contain as many lessons as you like and each lesson can contain as many techniques as you like. You can add a technique to one or all lessons in your lesson plan. It’s important to note, lesson plans are completely optional and are provided to make it easier to structure and share class content. For example, you may decide you want to teach the same techniques for all classes in week 1 of your program. Those techniques would be added to lesson 1 in your lesson plan. You’d manually advance to the next lesson when you feel it’s appropriate to do so.

Certificate of achievement templates can make the production of certificates a 1 touch process. Each program can be configured to use a specific custom certificate of achievement template. You simply upload a high resolution PNG of your standard certificate and choose which of the 4 fields you’d like autofilled when you produce certificates of achievement for your students. There’s no limit on the number of custom certificates templates so you can create full-auto versions that are print ready or for the personal touch you can create a version that fills in the students name, rank, and testing date but leaves the signature field blank. Do as much or as little as you’d like.

 Creating an Account

  1. Download
    Grading Day is available for Apple iPads and can be downloaded from the App Store here. 
  2. Registering an Account
    All Grading Day accounts are created using our self registration process. Once you’ve installed Grading Day start the app and you will be promoted to login or register a new account.


3. Adding Programs

4. Outlining a Curriculum

5. Building a Lesson Plan

6. Setting up a Certificate Template

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7. Adding Student Profiles

8. Creating Classes

9. Making Student Progress Notes

9. Scheduling Grading Events

10. Grading Event Assessments

11. Certificates of Achievement.