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Switching Between Lessons

If you’ve setup a lesson plan to make teaching your curriculum easier from time to time you need to switch between lessons. This short video will help get you through the process.

Linking Program Elements

This is how you link your program with its’ corresponding evaluation sheets and your preferred certificate of achievement.

Adding Student Progress Updates

Progress updates can be used to track student progress against your programs curriculum. Time is always an issue so we’ve reduced the process down to seconds per note.

Creating a New Class

Just like in your school a class is a group of students that have registered in a program. Grading Day makes creating new classes a 30 second progress.

Adding Student Profiles

It couldn’t be simpler. Want to import 10’s or hundreds of students? Contact us and we’ll do it for you.

Setting up a Certificate Template

Setting up a custom certificate takes moments and will save you hours in the future, not to mention the repetitive strain injury from manually preparing a start of certificates. Tip: scan your current certificate before getting started.

Building a Lesson Plan

Optionally, create a lesson plan that can be followed by your class.

Building an Evaluation Sheet

This topic is all about creating an evaluation sheet for a level of your curriculum, manually and from scratch. Once you’ve completed the first evaluation sheet, subsequent levels can just be duplicates of the first evaluation sheet, and modified as needed. The associated video will take you through the process.

Adding Programs

As an instructor, this is the product you are selling to your students. The Grading Day program ties together the curriculum, lesson plans and