Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Teach More, Push Papers Less

Put the clipboard down and leave the record keeping to us.


Quicky and easily document your program curriculum and share it with your instructors.

Track Progress

Make sure your students are 100% prepared for grading day by monitoring techniques that need work.

Grading Day

Use our incredibly easy assessment sheets to keep track of hundreds of student assessments.


Automatically generate  certificates of achievement for all grading day attendees. 

Curriculum Development

Whether you’re the only instructor or there are 25 at your school, consistency is critical if you’re providing a quality program.  Develop your schools curriculum using DOJOMATOR. Any martial art, any number of levels, and any number of techniques. We’re making developing and teaching a quality curriculum easy for everybody. 


You might be a Karate, or a Taewkondo school. Maybe Muay Thai or MMA. It doesn’t matter which martial at or how many you teach. DOJOMATOR is that versatile.

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Program Content

A program consists of a curriculum and progression indicators like belts, stripes and certificates of archievement.  If you can dream it up, we can document it and track student progression through it.

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Detail Your Curriculum

Your secret sauce. The reason people want to train with you. We make  documenting your curriculum as easy as pie. Not only that, it’s documented in a way that makes student assessments a piece of cake. 

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Tracking Student Progress

Developing a RAD curriculum that people love is one thing, tracking the progress of a few hundred students through a dozen belts and a system of stripes is something else. Put the Excel spreadsheets and the clipboards away. Seriously, it’s time for a purpose build system that’s always uptodate.

Track Belts & Stripes

You’ve got hundreds of students and several instructors. That’s a lot of stripes and a lot of opportunities for confusion. Was Alice awarded a stripe this month? Are you sure? We’d know.

Leave Nobody Behind

It’s easy for a student to miss a grading event. People get sick or go on vacation. No progression leads to unhappy students. Days since last grading (DSLG) will prevent people from slipping between the cracks.

Monitor Progress

Grading day coming up? You want 100% of your studends to attend and succeed. Flag techniques that students are struggling with. The better prepared you are, the better prepared they will be. 

Grade like a BOSS.

Grading Day

Leave the clipboard at home. With as few as 3 button presses you can open student assessment sheets, vet the results, promote the successful and generate their certificates of achievement. 


Join our Beta Program

Teaching martial arts is fun and rewarding. Record keeping and printing certificates of achievement are not. That’s why we’re working with select instructors to perfect DOJOMATOR. Join the beta program and have early access to the system that going to revolutionize managing your dojo.


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